Play Responsibily

Playing 4D number game as in any other games, the primary aim is to have fun. We at STC wish that you would be entertained by this game. Therefore, we sincerely hope that your lifestyles, financial, physical and mental health are not adversely affected. By the way, this game is only for those above 21 years of age and non-Muslims. Please help us in upholding this rule so that we can all enjoy this game.

How Betting Can be Fun and Enjoyable

  • It’s entertainment! Let it not be stressful or pressurising.
  • Mind the cost.  Bet within your means.
  • Know your limit.  Just like investment, set aside a budget and stop when exceeded.
  • Use spare cash.  Do not dig into your savings or worse, take a loan. 
  • Use your winnings for future bets.  That’s a sure win!
  • Have a balanced lifestyle.  Don’t overindulge.

You should stop betting when… 

  • You spend more time and money on betting than on anything else.
  • You bet with money meant for life's essentials like food and other commitments.
  • You start borrowing money to gamble.
  • You neglect responsibilities like work, school or family.
  • You lie about your betting behaviour or deny about your addiction.
  • You are trying to win back what has been lost.
  • You are having frequent arguments with family and friends regarding finances.
  • You are increasing your debt to finance your bets.
  • You feel lost or empty when not betting.
  • You find it hard to stop or control your betting.
  • You start telling yourself that you can stop after a big win.
  • You find interest only in betting and think little of anything else.

Please spare a thought for your loved ones. They are part of you and they need you. It is only right that you do not neglect them or treat them unfairly. They have been and will always be there for you. Do not let your betting habit destroy these beautiful relationships.